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Life Long Learning with the Craft Guild

Knowledge sharing frames the Iowa City Area Craft Guild. From weeks-long group classes to individual mentorship, the guild offers many ways to grow our skills. We have a long-standing tradition of asking members who participate in outside workshops to bring their experience back to the guild in the form of internal programs. In the last few months, the weavers, potters, and quilters groups have all benefited in this way. Weavers enjoyed a presentation on split-shed weaving, and potters learned about crafting handles at recent meetings. In the quilters group we recently developed freezer paper piecing skills in a day long workshop at the guild house, organized by one of our members. Five of us designed projects based on triangle blocks, each a unique reflection of the individual quilter. Hop on over to our Facebook page to see how individual we are! In a previous workshop, the quilters made quilt-as-you-go table runners using Stripology rulers, guided by another member. I enjoy t

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