Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Potters Firing Up

The pottery group meets monthly, and yet they do seem to spend a great deal of time at the house. On a non-meeting nights, you might find them preparing their pieces, painting, and/or firing those works. I never realized you have to "cook" or fire the items, or that it required someone to come in and out several times during that evening and the next and sometimes even the next. Beautiful pieces have been completed lately, in fact there's a table full right now.

Vesterheim Norweigan American Museum presents for the Weavers

Last night, the weavers filled the house to hear a presentation entitled “Warmth and Color: Traditional Norwegian Coverlets.” Laurann Gilbertson, Textile Curator at Vesterheim Norwegian American Museum, began with a slide presentation showing some of the old coverlets and describing how the various techniques are woven.

Sandy Somdahl and Barbara Berg of the Oneota Weavers Guild joined Laurann in sharing their woven samples and Barbara shared a little of the work she does in liturgical weaving in the Theo Moorman technique.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Quilters' Meeting

The quilters group meet yesterday at Vicki Tardy's. On a beautiful sunny morning, among the colors of the day, were the colors of the quilts. Two traditional design charity quilts in neutral tans with red and blue accents were being bound; an Amish style solid block quilt in autumn colors was being hand quilted. Another art quilter brought a completed piece, vivid reds, yellows, and blues for help in selecting a machine quilting design. Another brought her hand appliqued landscape pieces, which will eventually be finished as a triptych. The fabric used in the skies was typical of a Iowa summer day. Another individual brought a recently completed cross stitch angel, resplendent in navy, burgundy, gold and white. Have you ever ordered a kit and found out you were short in materials/fibers? We all tried to help problem solve this dilemma in a gorgeous gold/rust/orange/brown sweater which is under construction.

As you can tell, it was an exciting meeting. The colors of the day both inside and out just made you want to oh and ah. We also shared a few techniques: how to make prairie points with one strips & how to make continuous bias binding. Anyone interested in a handout on either technique contact Anna Next meeting May 27th.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Terry Jones explains Long Draw Spinning

Terry Jones presented a program on Long Draw Spinning. Long Draw Spinning is done similarly to standard spinning with the exception of the length of the draw. She demonstrated this process, and provided an excellent handout.

She explained the important of CLEAN fleece, how to do a thorough job and demonstrating carding of the locks.

If you weren't able to attend and want to learn more about this process, I'm sure Terry would be happy to provide you the handout.

Spinners' Meeting

There were more than 20 spinners at last nights' meeting. I enjoy just watching this group. Whenever the spinners gather you hear the chatter, the laughter and the whorl of the wheels. You see industry in a rejuvenated art, the mentoring of a novice, and friendships...all in the mist of the amazing and mesmerizing action of the spinning wheel. It's almost hypnotic.