Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Rush, Rush, Handcrafted Holiday Gifts... Joy, Joy

We have been busy at the Craft Guild with many of the groups working on holiday gifts, for Hanukukah and Christmas.  Primarily I am a quilter, but I dabble across the fiber arts. I spin therefore I must knit or weave. I have fabric, therefore I must make quilts, or weave rugs. It is a vicious cycle, albeit, an exciting journey. I know sometimes we struggle for new ideas or simply translating someone's instructions into a treasure from the heart.  Ideas such as quilted and embellished ornaments, table mats, coasters, towels. or the even bigger items, quilts and rugs, sweaters, mittens and hats. Another favorite gift is socks...while they take time, you can take them anywhere as you work on them, adjust size, color, style for whomever. Wherever I am at this time of year, my hands are working on something.  Rushing to finish just one more stitch. 

Weaving on a pin loom

Weaving scraps become coasters.

Quilted table mat
Each year I say I will start earlier, and each year I say never again will I decide to make EVERYONE something from my fiber world. And then I receive THE CALL. 

You see my grandchildren all live long distance and often aren't here for holidays. This year the call came from Glasgow, Scotland.  My granddaughters bubbled, excited not about the purchased gift, but the things Nana made, like the christmas' ornament specific to each of them and their personality or the mittens in just the right color. Why do we do it??? Joy, Joy, Joy,  it brings to everyone.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Weaving with Cotton

At our Weavers Meeting last month, our program was about cotton. We are incredibly lucky that we have an expert couple who spin and weave with the handspun cotton.  Glenn spends many a morning using a Charkha to spin cotton
Spinning Charkh

while his wife, Pat weaves the homespun cotton into towels, blankets, shawls.

They have several resources for their cotton roving.  Although they have handdyed their rovings, they have found a source they prefer to the uncertainties of color "dyelot" issues. 
Take a scan at some of  finished items.