Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Grace's sheep...Baaaa-utiful

Check this out.  Grace just completed this darling sweater. It's such a cool treasure for some lucky child.

Now it's true that Sheep play a major part of our lives as fiber folks. As a spinner and a knitter, I'm often trying to figure out what to do with all the yarn I've spun.  Perhaps we should use this as motivation, or as an impetus to begin that new project. Grace can serve as a role model in how to produce something challenging and incredible. I must admit a little knitting envy at this piece.

Just in case you were confused about the guild hiatus, the evening knitters' group meets all summer long at 7pm at Panera's on the east side by Lucky's Market. Put July 19 and August 16 on your calendar. The daytime group does not routinely meet. If folks want to get together,  contact Linda and we can meet at Panera's at 2p, after the lunch crowd.  She said it might just be a great break from the endless list of summer shoes.  Yay, let's knit.