Monday, March 24, 2014

Joy of Art for Art Sake...Talent Shared

Double weave with tapestry
As we gathered at a member's home, I leaned back on a sofa cushion, only to find the most incredible art seems the master of the house was bored this winter and used the mistress's loom to craft these exquisite pieces-double weave with tapestry pillows. I love the colors, the vibrance and it seemed to make sunshine, or a sunrise/sunset in your minds eye.

This couple's love of crafting art is reflected in the stained glass piece greeting visitors on the porch, the spinning wheel waiting for the spinners' return, the looms in her studio, the glasswork and dyeing kitchen in his.  I love to wander, yes, be nosy...check out this quilt...

On a grandchild's bed, awaiting their return, 
are the cats and other friends. 
And just to make the Cats more exciting,
the mice run round the bed. 

Walking through this home is always an opportunity to see how art is reflected in the crafts we choose. Whether it's cloth, fiber, glass or is an expression of one's soul, of one's vision. Luckily for us, they like to share their talents, to assist us on our own journey. The give us inspiration and motivation to find that sam joy and perhaps just a little of that talent.   

 Vicki and Dwight! 

Note the button ears and embroidery tails

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Neither Snow nor Winds Shall Keep the Weavers from their Appointed Task.

Maybe it was because the  snowplow keep us open or everyone seemed to have cabin fever, but the weavers were out in force for their color and weave workshop.
David is working on a crackle weave

Terry is weaving a snowflake

Lucy is weaving Boundweave

Kenda is weaving diversified plain weave. 

Our thanks to the organizing committee, Viki, Pat, Bev and Anna for all their efforts in making this a fun experience. We had almost 2 weeks to weave 20 different samples...finally the warps were removed and cut apart. Everyone went home with a packet of whatever they wove. What a delightful way to experience different fibers, structures and even looms.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Winter Blahs, "Aw, Get Over It!"

"I hate winter" has become my mantra...especially this winter. As you know, this is being said by someone who spent 15 years in Northern Wisconsin where we measured snow in feet rather than inches and who loves the silent sports like the Birkebeiner.  As I was bemoaning the snow and surfing the Web on one subzero morning, I came across this link which shows folks in Minnesota truly embracing the winter winds by snow kiting. Yes, that's flying kites on a winter's day. Simply the idea of kites makes you smile and what a way to get over the winter blahs.

Made me realize that winter is merely a time to enjoy whatever life has given you. And here at the craft guild, we really do embrace winter. Winter is when we are the most productive, sitting around the fireplace at home or gathering with friends to plan or to produce whatever artistic expression we wish. On one such morning, our Daycrafters met with a flurry of show and tell in all venues. There was planning for the upcoming weavers' workshop, distributing the mammo pillow, and talk of spinning flax.  There were folks quilting, knitting, hemming weaving, beading and as any crafter can identify... "ripping out". We truly were excited just to be out and about with our peers.
As an sample from that morning...this quilter used leftover blocks from another project with significant creativity and improvising all the way to produce this interesting and electric quilt.  This cherry-blossom-looking quilt reminds us that spring is coming, the cherry blossoms, although a later this year....will bloom, will be beautiful and will be fragrant. Ah, SPRING.

So, have you started planning your gardens YET?