Sunday, November 17, 2013

UFOs, Shibori and Gluten Free

Daycrafters is a group of folks, any guild member, that meets once a month to finish UFOs(unfinished objects), to motivate each other, to problem-solve or simply to visit with friends. This group originally was a spin-off (no pun intended) from the evening spinners group, and slowly matriculated into the daycrafters of today.  
Last Thursday, Molly's living room overflowed with women knitting, ply-split braiding, hemming handwoven placements, and quilting. As always, questions were asked and input given, whether it was how to choose quilting fabric, to using the joint warp woven for Mammo Pillows, to what should our next Midwest Exhibit be.

Lucy shared her recent journey to Japan including their silk and cotton spinning techniques, weaving rooms, shibori dying and fabric designs. This is an example of shiobiri dying, very unique and dramatic, looks more like a Sea Urchin than flat cloth. If you think that wasn't enough activity for a morning, Molly had prepared wonderful treats, along with gluten-free scones. It is amazing what you can learn at Daycrafters.