Friday, January 28, 2011

Quilters Stitch and Paint

Isn't it reasonable to envision quilters as simply people who cut, sew and stitch, but not always and definitely not yesterday. Pam lead the group in how to use paint sticks on fabric, using both freezer paper templates

and stamps...

Amazing what you can do.
Of course, we did have our usual show and tell: a log cabin, an example of how to use scrap triangles, and a focus square quilt that through color provided the optical illusion of movement.

Weavers: 51 DONE!

The tailor from folkfore who struck down 7 with one swat as nothing to brag about in comparison to Our Weavers. In one meeting, in 30 short minutes, 51! Yes, 51, we stuffed and stitched 51 of the breast cancer pillows for Cancer patients at the UIHC.

It's just a reminder of another folk saying...many hands make light work.

I speak for all those patients who will receive these, beautiful and comforting creations


In other news: There is a pattern weave workshop going on at the guild house; it officially began today. I went in yesterday and wow, there are some really incredible patterns. The house will be busy over the next 10 days. Even if you're not participating, go check out the looms.

Show and tell...our new weaver certainly does great work.

And weaving to weave with thrums...geri-rig a griping shuttle!

And just a, drink, and garbage should be removed each evening from the house. We really don't want the vermin to return. The kitchen looks amazing, thanks to the cleaning crew.

Spinners to Host Iowa Federation Meeting

Although the wheels were spinning, so were the minds of those present at the last spinners meeting. Our guild is hosting the Spring meeting of the Iowa Federation of Handweavers and Spinners; it's the 50th Anniversary. The planners are definitely in high gear refining the committees, classes, volunteers and just about everything necessary to organize the upcoming federation event. Spring will not only bring the daffodils and shearing, but also members from throughout the state will converge on the Johnson County Fairgrounds. So mark those calendars, and plan to have a fun day. And better yet, call Trish Turner to volunteer to help.

Craft Guild of Iowa City to Host
Iowa Federation Spring 2011 - 50th Anniversary Meeting
April 30, 2011
Johnson County Fairgrounds, Riverside Drive, Iowa City, IA

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Knitters Gather Around the Table

Ever wonder what knitters do when they gather. Well, mostly we talk with the sentences accented with a clickety-clack of the needles, an occasional oops, when a stitch is dropped, or other more explicit comments when errors become apparent. For me, those errors usually appear as I'm finishing an item, so smug that it's done. The great knitting gods often give me a reality check. I think just to keep me humble, and thus the expletives as I rip-out yet another project.

Sometimes, we just have to feel the fiber, get excited about the colors or examine the items in progress. What an array can be seen at any given meeting.

And then the final moment, when we throw vanity to the winds and try on an item we have just completed. This piece, looking exquisite on Wendy, was an interesting design for a shawl and looks perfect to ward off the cold drafts of winter in Iowa.