Saturday, April 27, 2013

Spinning Crazy Yarn with Flair...from Iowa City to Bishop HIll

When I write this blog, I am always humbled by the creative talents of the guild members. Here are a few pictures from the spinners meeting this month.  Julianna demonstrated and talked about her wild and award winning, crazy yarn. The bottom picture show the "Best in Show" ribbon Julianna received at the Bishop Hill Spin'in, 2013. She called it singles and stuff.  

Best In Show...Bishop Hill Spin-in
Congratulations Julianna, and to all those spinners who participate at Bishop Hill and other spin-ins. A wonderful way to meet friends and spin the afternoon away. 

Monday, April 1, 2013

Pattern and Weave Workshop

Weavers have been super busy in March, there was a pattern and weave workshop for two weeks...Incredible colors, fibers, and structures. During our February meeting, the committee that developed the workshop walked us through the process.

While it does seem like a lot of work, it is also a lot of fun and soooo much can be learned. When do you get the opportunity to pick out 26 different projects...color, pattern, structure. fiber,, and have someone else warp their loom so you can share this fun of weaving without the work. Some see the workshops as a challenge, a learning experience, to me, it's motivation. I am amazed at how many of the pieces I weave began as a sample in one of our winter workshops.
2 of the weavers participating in the workshop
paper spot sample

wool "corduroy jacket"

workshop samples
everyone's favorite challenge...

Pillows, pillows....It's a GOOD DAY.

The Mammo pillows, as we affectionally call them, help protect both the chest and underarm area, as well as the chemotherapy site from seat belts. They are shaped like a heart. One side is handwoven fabric, made by our weavers; the other side is commercial cotton, donated by the quilters, weavers or Inspirations, a local quilt shop. This allows the softer handwoven side to cushion the body, the commercial fabric to absorb the friction from the seat belt and the shape to be molded as needed.
Last week, the stuffing flew, needles aplenty, and threads were in the air, our weavers finished 82 more pillows. To date, I believe we have contributed more than 300 pillows. Each one is more lovely and unique than the next, all completed with compassion and joy. The pillows are truly appreciated by the recipients. I often receive thank you notes, saying "it made my day"; "it's so soft and comfortable"; "I'm not alone", "thanks, a true treasure". The need for the pillow may last many years, and most keep them as a reminder to live strong for however long life is...may it be a year or a hundred years. One woman, who has been on this journey for several years and was one of the first recipients, said it best... "Whenever I see my pillow, I smile. It's going to be a GOOD DAY."

Where did March go?

Wow, where did March go? For me, time flew, but spring didn't get the same message.... "in like a lion, out like a lamb". Nope, not this year, winter hung on just like these icicles on my feeder,  the winds blew and snow fell. I guess that's why so much has been happening, no spring yard work. The quilters got together last month to discuss how to do a round robin, the process is simple, the parameters are set, the deadlines predetermined and everyone learns something new as the quilts develop. If anyone wants to try it, or wants more information about the process, let Anna know.

Lately, we have been looking at how to produce various colors of fabrics, or designs on fabric.
The spin art experience was a follow-up of a program given last fall. The potters graciously allowed us the use of their wheels and our masterpieces began. Molly and Linda are using the wheel to place paints on the individual block.

Another way to produce color is called snow dying. Nancy shared the process which uses ya think we had enough of it this year...You layer treated fabric with dyes and snow to produces the most incredible patterns and batik-looking fabrics.

If this isn't enough activity....everyone had completed projects for show and tell. This one is called shredded paper, the idea that shredded paper falls toward the bottom.  When the winds blow, we quilt.