Sunday, July 26, 2015

75 years and Counting

Members of the Craft Guild of Iowa City
75 years young and still enjoying the tactile sense through fiber, clay and glass 
In May, 30 members of the Craft Guild of Iowa City came together for the annual meeting and to celebrate 75 years of existence. Dinner was at the Salt Fork Restaurant in Solon. After  a wonderful meal and sips of wine, Greg told the stories he found while combing our archives.  During wartime, the ladies collected copper from street lights, rolled bandages for the Red Cross, knitted socks and mittens for the military. They were a scavenging group who used every crumb to make items for sale, gifts or for the war effort. The times have changed from just women meeting at the university tearoom wearing their better dress and hat to both men and women meeting in our own building wearing teeshirts and flip-flops. Our building houses our equipment, work and meeting spaces, and supplies for many of the creative journeys we enjoy.
A Toast to 75 years
One thing that hasn't changed is our sense of camaraderie and our desire to express own creative ideas. Though the medium differs, the enthusiasm to share our craft does not. To that end, we meet regularly to share our experiences, to mentor each other and to provide both beginner education as well as continuing education opportunities within each of the member groups.

The Craft Guild began with 6 members who had a dream. Initially there were four interest groups, weaving, candle making, metalwork and needlework. Today, we have more than eight groups and 80 members.  Quilting, Weaving, Spinning, Knitting, Beading, Glasswork, Pottery/Ceramics, PlySplit Braiding are currently focus groups within the guild.   Metal work and Needlework are as active as demand requires.

Greg shares some the Historical Moments of CGIC
75 years as a Craft Guild has been made possible by all those women and men who had a vision and who share their craft, their time and their energies to keep our Guild alive and thriving. THANKS!