Thursday, February 6, 2014

Draggin' Winter

Haven't had much to say lately…I sort-a felt like this three headed dragon… I'm dragging
... in the snow, the ice and the really serious cold. I moved here from northern Wisconsin and quite frankly, I don't remember having this long a winter with this many cancellations. Because of this,  most of the groups have not meet since before Christmas.

And yet,  amidst  cabin fever,  I am sure our creative juices are working overtime.  Some future show-and-tells are going to be incredible.

Folks seemed to have had the need for human contact. At our Annual Martin Luther King Pot Luck, we had almost half of our guild members on the one day it warmed up to 30 degrees.  The food was great, atmosphere...cozy and friendships… stimulating.

Thanks to technology, we have stayed in touch. The weavers are planning a workshop, the quilters are working on a mystery quilt,  the knitters are knitting, the spinners are working on spinning flax, and the beaders simply grabbed whatever day without ice or snow to share beading time. The house has had a little activity, but I know we will all be happy for spring, especially this year.

This was the sunshine I saw this morning, and I remembered how much I love the reflections of sun against the snow, how the snow lays moisture into the ground for those spring flowers, and how life comes anew every spring. New growth, new joys, new storms, and yet, the joy of being alive and able to express myself in whatever medium I choose.
 Ahhh, maybe winter's not so bad.