Monday, December 27, 2010

Quilting on a Snowy Morning

On a snowy morning, a group of quilters braved the weather to gather and share their latest projects. What a mix of colors and techniques we had. Linda was hand quilting a gold and blue piece in the Hawaiian style. Anna was trimming her emerald gre en and raspberry table runner of traditional pieced stars and Irish chain. Pam shared her hand dyed silks, soft blues, reds and green on a sunset yellow background. She had made these into scarves. Becky was attaching the binding on a couple of machine quilted lap quilts in soft hues of greens & tans. And Mary's quiltof blues, greens, and grays had been machine quilted just in time for her son's Christmas. Lucy and Molly were knitting socks. I glanced out the window, there was the white blowing snow and you could almost feel the cold winds. Inside, it was warm and dry, with all these vivid colors and laughter; people sharing their passion. I remembered why I quilt.

Friday, December 17, 2010


Everyday, weavers sit down at their looms to create something, it may be something as simple as kitchen towels or as exotic as an art sculpture. In the creation there is an incredible pleasure. It's the fiber, the feel, the rhythm, the challenge and for some, it's the sheer joy of throwing that shuttle back and forth and watching something develop.

Couple that excitement with Weaving for a Reason. Our weavers have handcrafted baby blankets for The Nest who provide these blankets with other necessities to families in need. We also provide pillows for patients after breast cancer surgery or chemotherapy at UIHC. The pillows are designed to protect the surgical or chemotherapy site from seat belt rub. The individuals who receive these items are so appreciative. One chemo patient said that on a really difficult day, she glanced at her pillow, and it "made me smile." I think that says it all.

Currently, we have a warp on the Newcomb upstairs at the Guild House for folks to weave a piece or two for the pillow fabric. One of our new weavers, Jill, looks like she's really enjoying her piece. We have a list of folks scheduled to weave, but if you're interested in making someone SMILE, give Anna Alexander or Vicki Tardy a call and we'll include you.

Weaving for a Reason...Making Smiles.