Monday, October 2, 2017

Spinning Flax and other plant fibers

The spinners this year have undertaken the spinning of "plant Fibers" If you're interested, let Greg know asap. The cost will be $20, and there's some good stuff coming.  How about banana fiber??  Or that cotton/milkweed down blend??

Their study began with a 2-day journey to spin flax into cotton with Stephenie Gaustad.  There was probably a little of the "act the way you want to feel going on."  Greg's friend  from Kansas City, who took the workshops, whilst spinning flax, repeatedly said, through a fixed smile and somewhat gritted teeth, "I love spinning flax." It's that love-hate relationship of a challenge, but on the whole everyone learned a lot and had a great time.  Stephenie is a great teacher...if you ever get a chance to take a workshop from her, do it.

Sharing their summer fiber journey,  check out these two show and tell wonders. Greg made this at a workshop in MN this summer. A Shetland fleece that is felted on one side.

It's kinda like a sheep skin but not. Could be used as a cover for sitting in front of the fire or on your bed....
Stephanie spun the many yards of these yarns and wove this rug over the summer at the Guild house. 

The spinners have another exciting years coming up.