Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Time Flies...

You always hear people say that time flies, and that it's even faster as you age. Well, I must be 100. I cannot believe it's almost November. It seems like only yesterday, it was June and I was at the spinning wheel singing around my campfire. Today, I look around our guild house and the fall muse seems to have hit all the groups. The spinners are working on spinning flax and cotton, all planning to spin that skien and design something special for its use.
Jeanne using her drop spindle to spin flax

We had two displays at the Coralville Library, one in August and another in September-a little peak at who we are and what we do.
Coralville Library Display
David's Mom, Marion  taught this basket weaving class.
The weavers had a basket workshop, and  have been excited by variated yarns at their latest meeting. Their study group has taken on the challenge of  Bateman's Chevron, Boulevard and combination weaves.  There is not one but four group warps on looms at the guild house.  The frequent sound of a shuttle shot and the beat against feld is only interrupted by the sound of the potter's wheel and the warmth from their kiln as it permeates the upstairs weaving room.

Bateman Chevron in Variegated Fiber

Quilting a Family Heirloom
Color Comes Together
The knitters have been studying different ways to cast on, and the quilters have begun their mystery quilt.

The falling leaves and plummeting temperatures seems to have stimulated the crafters'/artisans' passions.  It is so exciting to be part of this level of creativity and talent.