Sunday, February 24, 2013

Rare Wools on a Winter's Night

 What do you do amidst the television hype of yet another winter storm... "blizzard acomin'"? Some folks actually go get milk and bread. Not spinners, they go to the guild house where the whirl is the fleece making its path into skeins of yarn and Grace presented the evening's program about rare wools.  Fascinating topic..."Who is Rare?"  I know so very little about the fiber I spin, mostly that its from Janette's flock, and I take it for granted that it will always be there when I need it.  Otherwise, I have no clue. Grace asked the simple questions...what's a breed? and what's rare? and thankfully also discussed the answers. She recommended the book, Fleece & Fiber, as one source for information. Overall, a great learning opportunity.

Greg is helping a new spinner.
Spinning is a social art, where everyone spin along, chatting or listening,  helping one another as needed. There is no need for the social lubricant known as food, when the spinner has the wheel, the fiber, the lock, the camaraderie, another's show and tell...Spinning, a wonderful way to spend a winter's night.

Show and Tell
Show and tell

Monday, February 4, 2013

"No Try, Do " Becomes "Mighty Fine"

Last week the weavers meet to share information, updates on the upcoming workshop, a little show and tell, and then the program...and a program it was. Each weaver shared their experience making a jacket, a jacket from wool they wove, fulled (felted), cut and sewed in one very short weekend. I introduced y'all to this workshop in my June 19, 2012 entry, and these are the finished jackets. Each one is more beautiful than the next. My favorite pet peeve is an ill-fitting jacket. This as you can see was not a problem. There are set-in sleeves, darts, buttonholes, and all those things seamstresses do to produce a quality polished professional looking piece. Weavers tend to make boxy garments, no seams,  shaping,  buttonholes nor other delicate detailing for fear that something will go amiss. You know the thinking..."I did weave only 6 yards of wool", "you know how handwoven is" and my personal favorite, "I am so afraid to cut it".  Mary Sue threw all that type of thinking out the window. Her mantra would have made Nike and Yoda proud,  "Just Do It", and when you hesitated..."No try,  do".  And so they did,  these jackets complete with professional details are jackets to be proud of....some would say "MIGHTY FINE",  simply mighty fine.  Well done, Ladies.