Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Weaver's Study Group: Rep Weave

One aspect of the guild weavers' group that is often overlooked is study group. This is a group open to all weavers who meets monthly for indepth study of one aspect of weaving over the course of the year. You don't have to be an expert, all weavers are welcome, from novice to expert. In past years, the focus has been twills, color interactions, Oelsner's classic book, A Handbook of Weaves. This year, it is Rep Weave. Rep Weave, repp, rib weave, rippmatta are used interchangeably to denote a type of weave structure using a plain weave in which the warp threads are closely set and produce the same pattern in different colors on each side of the project.
For example, this photo shows both sides of Vicki's rep runner, same pattern, one gold, one teal.
On the right is Cathy's rep mat using sticks, ordinary garden waste, as the weft (cross threads). An interesting effect and just think ecofriendly as well. Although Rep Weave is Not my first love, it was a fascinating year. I learned a lot and even wove some. Next year, we have selected Bateman's monograph's. Dr. Bateman spent his retirement years weaving samples using overshot, twill, crackle, summer and winter and other established techniques to variations of these weaves, as well as creating new weave systems. Come join us. Check out the schedule at next fall's Open House.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Overshot in Norway

The Weavers' group were treated to a weaver's journey through Norway. Last Summer, Lucy joined others from The Vesterheim Museum in Decorah as they experienced the wonderful cities, green fields, and farmsteads, took classes in overshot and overall, had an incredible adventure.

Amid the looms in this weaving Norwegian classroom, Lucy studied various overshot patterns.

Here are a few of Lucy's sample overshot patterns.

What a great way to spend a summer day!