Thursday, August 29, 2013



 Every year, one member of the Craft Guild encourages, motivates, cajoles,  and okay...downright NAGS us to participate in the Iowa State Fair Exhibits. It really is the best way to allow the public to see our work and to demonstrate these crafts are not gone, just a part of the historical landmark...but ever present in our day to day life. This year, we contributed 71 different items in various categories, taking home many, many ribbons, Best of Show in Spinning, as well as Best of Show in Weaving and The Sweepstakes Award.
In Weaving, Household Linens category, the blue ribbon went to Vicki Tardy, the white to Linda Bergquist, and fourth was Stepahanie Van Housen. In the Scarf or shawl category, Betty Huttner, Vicki, Bev Pennell took the second, third and fourth place respectively. In Towels, Vicki, Cathy Willoughby and Mary Boulet earned second, third and fourth ribbons. Honorable mentions went to Terry Jones, and Bev. Betty took home the blue for her handwoven Jacket, with Terry and Diane Fleshin collecting the red and white ribbons for their jackets.
In knitting, Juliana Waechler earned blue ribbons in the shawl(one color/yard) and accessory categories. Jill Fishbaugh earned a blue ribbon for her multiple yarns/color scarf. Grace Tulle received an honorable mention for her infant sweater. Stephanie received an Honorable Mention for the Doll she knitted.

In Spinning,  Vicki Tardy received Best of Show in Handspun Yarns, earning blue ribbons in lace weight,  spinner's own flock and 2 oz skein (60% animal fiber), as well as an Honorable Mention for her garment. Juliana earned white ribbons in the garment, laceweight wool and 2 oz skein (60% animal fiber) categories. Diane earned a red ribbon for her own flock and white for bulky weight. Stephanie earned a second place for her Bulky weight, and a fourth for worsted weight.  Terry earned fourth in lace weight  and Mary earned a blue for her worsted weight. 
In Fine Arts, Betty Huttner earned a white ribbon for her ply-split basket.

And lastly, we have Deb Zeigler, who made headlines with her weaving to repeat Top Honors in Weaving at Iowa State Fair Competition-Best of Show and Sweepstakes Award.  This is the second time she earned both honors and her fifth year for the Sweepstakes honor. In addition, she took blue ribbons in Afghan, Baby Afghan, Towels, Wall Hanging, Shawl or Scarf categories as well as a red ribbon in Household linens, a  fourth place in Apparel.  A job well done seems like an understatement.   This scarf is her Best of Show entry. 

I know I say this over and over again, but I am in awe of the talent of our guild members. I find it exciting that three of the guild's blue ribbons were won by first time entrants.  Perhaps, next year, we should all send at least one item...yes, I know, that means me. I better get crackin'.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Craft Guild of Iowa City
Annual Open House
Sunday, September 8, 2013

815 Oakland Avenue, Iowa City

Come, see the work and learn about the opportunities for all levels of potters, weavers, spinners, knitters, quilters, beaders, and ply-split braiders. Membership is open to adults over 18 years old. Beginners are welcome. Classes are offered. Refreshments will be served. 
For more information, cal 319-594-4771

Check out our WEBSITE

I alway love technology, but it doesn't always love me. Our website has been both a joy and a curse, but I do think it gives you a significant picture of just what the Craft Guild is...and why we do what we do. Check it out.