Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Handwoven Garment Construction

Note: Her Vest and other Handwoven Jackets 
"Over the prairie and through the snow to Jeanette's Guild I go." Probably not her exact words, but a friend weaver from Omaha guild did exactly that. Layna Bentley came to present a program on garment construction from handwoven fabric. She uses commercial patterns, which she has altered for the challenges of handwoven. Stretch, seams, closures, and lining are all part of these challenges.

She used wool, tencel and silk, as well as linen. The samples were simply amazing-- the colors, the feel, the hand, the drape. She is most talented. Thanks, Jeanette for making this possible.

As always, we included a moment of show and tell.
Show and Tell

Juliana's piece demonstrates using textures, fibers, and dynamic colors, all woven on a circular loom. She is a young weaver with significant artistic talent, who challenges the status quo with her designs. I do believe this is a program in the making for future years.
Weaving in the Round