Thursday, December 19, 2013

Mystery Quilting…becoming a Quilt Chef

And so it begins. The Quilters have decided to "do" a Mystery Quilt over the next year. The first block was distributed at our meeting, with much "oh, my",  "what's it gonna look like",  "will this work", Can I do this". To which Anna's frequently replied,  "Trust me, it will be okay." "It's an adventure", and "Step out of your comfort zone".  How exciting so many quilters are participating and excited about the adventure, taking on this new challenge. Quilting is like cooking, note,  I did NOT say baking. Baking is an exact science.  Cooking recipes are usually suggestions for what works together, the chef tweaks the product as she goes to incorporate her own style, taste, or simply pantry. Quilters, too, have a style and stash. We all know Marilyn will have yellow and Nancy will have red somewhere in their quilts. Pat's are solids and Anna are batiks. Yet, a challenge often brings out the best in folks. Something was lacking in their quilts, so Vicki decided she wanted mice around her cats quilt, incorporating a embroidered long tail. Kathy adds heirloom embroidery and embellishments, while Anna adds the Korean name and blessing to baby quilts. We become quilting chefs…we take a chance, tweak it, sample it, and the final project reflects who we individual quilter!

Linda began this piece as a Redwork Santa. Simply stitching along, she was never sure what she wanted to do with it once done. She framed it with 1/2 square triangles, turning corners smoothly and set off the the stitchery with 20 or so shades of red. This is a quilting chef at work…gorgeous.

AND ITS READY TO HANG for Christmas!

Weavings on A Winter Night

Thanksgiving was just around the corner, the turkey in the refrigerator thawing, the family already beginning to arrive, and yet...the weavers found time to gather and share another moment of their weaving experience...MidWest Weavers Conference. With tips learned during those classes, much of show and tell was gifts for Christmas/Hanukkah yet to be.

Towels to be Hemmed
A Mother's Scarf 

 A Blanket against the Chill

The weavers do not meet in December…I think that's just so we get all our projects completed.  But I know there is always weaving afoot, just like the mouse runs up the clock,  with a hickory dickory dock…so too, the weaver treadles the loom going clickety,  clackery,  clock.  Happiest of Days to one and all.