Friday, September 25, 2015

Oh, My, what a Summer.

Summer's come and gone. I know as we age time flies, but at this rate, I must be 100. It has been a remarkable summer for the Craft Guild. We celebrated our 75th year of creativity in May.

Bev, Mary, Cathy, Linda, Stephanie and Anna provided Children's activities for the Summer Arts Festival in early June for more than 250 children. Nothing like the excitement in a child's eyes to know why we do what we do.

Stephanie and several other spinners demonstrated spinning at Kalona's summer fest.

Later in the month, our members attended the Midwest Weavers and Spinners Conference in Minneapolis, attending classes and exhibiting their creative talents.
Vicki Tardy won the Complex Weavers Award at Midwest.

At MidWest, Vicki won Best of Show; and Members' Choice
and At the State Fair, it was awarded Best of Show as well as a blue ribbon for garments, handwoven. 

In August, the Spinners and the Weavers showcased their work at the Coralville Library.
 Spinner's Kiosk

 Weaver's Exhibit

And of course, there was the Sate Fair. There were 39 entries from our guild; many blue, red, and white ribbons were earned.  (See the State Fair)

Our Guild has creative members who share those talents by providing classes in Ply-split Braiding, Spinning, Weaving. At many of the groups' meetings, there are also programs geared toward learning new techniques and exciting its members toward new experiences. Come check us out.

And now as the colors change, we begin to think about all those winter projects. Hmmm, do I hear my loom calling RUG, RUG, RUG.


Weavers and Knitters
Each fall, the Craft Guild has an open house to welcome returning members and to excite the surrounding community with the creative jewel we have in our guild. It gives us a chance to see each others work and to catch up with our friends. Most groups go on hiatus for the summer months, but still the individuals continue to produce.  Below are just some of the examples of our work.
Handspun, knitted items, woven towels
Deb's Handwoven Jacket 

Deb demonstrating Ply-split Braiding

We also take the opportunity to demonstrate some of these creative arts.
Wendy, Mary and Juliana carding 

What an incredible color blend in this batt. 
75 years and still going strong. 

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

2015 Iowa State Fair Results

Vicki's Award Winning Jacket
Our Guild members are a very creative group as exhibited by their various awards and honors received at this year's Iowa Sate Fair.  Vicki Tardy won Best of Show honors and Sweepstakes honors in the Weaving division of the Fabric and Threads contest that was held prior to the start of the 2015 Iowa State Fair.
Ribbons in each category that were awarded to the guild members are: 

1) Deborah Zeitler, Iowa City
2) Beverly Pennell, Iowa City
3) Jeanette Bauer, Iowa City
Household Linens
1) Terry Jones, Iowa City
2) Deborah Zeitler, Iowa City
3) Vicki Tardy, Iowa City
4) Cathy Willoughby, Iowa City

Wall Hanging
2) Deborah Zeitler, Iowa City
3) Stephanie Van Housen, Coralville
Just a few of the entries

1) Vicki Tardy, Iowa City
2) Deborah Zeitler, Iowa City

Shawl or Scarf
1) Vicki Tardy, Iowa City
2) Beverly Pennell, Iowa City
3) Cathy Willoughby, Iowa City
4) Deborah Zeitler, Iowa City

3) Deborah Zeitler, Iowa City
4) Elizabeth Huttner, Iowa City
Honorable Mention) Beverly Pennell, Iowa City

Handspun Item
1) Vicki Tardy, Iowa City
2) Juliana Waechter, Iowa City
4) Deborah Zeitler, Iowa City

1) Vicki Tardy, Iowa City
2) Beverly Pennell, Iowa City
3) Linda Bergquist, Iowa City
4) Terry Jones, Iowa City
Honorable Mention) Lois Lembke, Iowa City

Wool, Worsted Weight

4) Vicki Tardy, Iowa City

Wool, From Spinner's Own Flock, Any Weight

1) Stephanie Van Housen, Coralville

Other Animal Fibers, From Spinner's Own Flock, Any Weight
1) Vicki Tardy, Iowa City
2) Karen Agee, Cedar Falls

Two-ounce Skein - at least 60% wool or other animal fibers
2) Vicki Tardy, Iowa City

Basketry, coiled Raffia
2. Bev Pennell

Knitted Socks with Multiple years/colors
4. Terry Jones

Cap with multiple yarns/colors
Honorable mention.  Terry Jones

Scarf (lace stitch, finer than worsted)
2. Jill Fishbaugh

Shawl/Wrap/Shrug (lace Stitch, worsted or heavier)
2. Julian Waechter

Honorable Mention.  Bev Pennell

Fashion Accessory
4. Juliana Waechter

Felted Knit Item
3. Juliana Waechter

I hope I didn't omit anyone. Participating in the State Fair is a way to remind our communities that the hand crafts of "yesterday" are not gone, but alive and well TODAY. Congratulations one and all.