Saturday, May 22, 2010

Spinners begin Summer hiatus.

On Tuesday, the spinners got together to spin, chat, discuss the programs for next year's meetings and plan for the Iowa Federation meeting at the Johnson County Fairgrounds in April, 2011. There will be classes, food, and simply a spin-in; more information later as it becomes available.

Lots of ideas for next year's programs were banded about, from drop spindle types, drop or Navajo spindle spinning, to Alpaca fleece; "What I did at Convergence" or "Ooops, mistake or creative license" were possibilities. Pairing up a spinner with a weaver for a "sheep to shawl" experience was mentioned. If you have any ideas, call or email Trish Turner. The programs will be finalized by the Open House September 12, 2010.

During the discussion, Wendy began working with some red/orange/white dyed tencel roving. The color looked loud and flashy as roving, but as it spun, the most incredible shade of soft coral began to appear and looked like fine silk. I wonder, is there any special handling needed to spin the Tencel? ...perhaps a program in the future.

As the summer begins to roll in, get out into the yard, take a hike, bike, or simply play in the dirt. You'll feel invigorated, and it just may get your creative juices dangling.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

REMINDER... Daycrafters' Potluck will be June 17 at Betty Shreeves' home.

Daycrafters began as a daytime meeting of the spinners, and it has evolved to be the most eclectic group of crafters. We meet to work on some type of handiwork or UFO (Unfinished objects) while sharing the comradery of like minded folks. Last Thursday morning at Vicki Tardy's home was no exception. Pam had a hand dyed wall quilt she was binding and wanted input the piping and binding. Others had those knitting needles flashing. Betty ran over during her lunch break and was using a "weavette". An interesting weaving loom which produces 3 x 4" squares when joined together could be scarves, purses, cases, etc. Lucy and Vicki demonstrated the technique, ply-split braiding. We were also excited to see Jeanette out of the house after her broken ankle, still unable to weight bear, but her smile was a vivid as ever. And she was able to see the ply-split braiding she missed because of her fall. We were also discussing our plans for study group, how to interpret "The Northern Lights" in a scarf. One thing, this group does is bring everyone together to share that it passion for wool, fiber, cloth, or simply conversation or enthusiasm.

Vicki reminded everyone the June Potluck will be June 17 this year at Betty Shreeves in Lone Tree. Bring a dish to pass, your favorite chair and some busy work. See y'all there..

Thursday, May 6, 2010

What can we do with "leftovers"?

Amidst the paint flumes, the knitters group meet Wednesday afternoon. Everyone had a project going, an argyle sock for competition, lace socks, boot socks, a baby blanket, and a lace scarf. One knitter even found time to show the others her ply-split braiding.

It seems that a few folks have it figured out, how to use all that leftover yarn that we seem to accumulate. A yard here, a couple yards there...hhhmmm... HATS. Grace had a basketful, yes, it really was a basketful of hats. Terry was knitting hats for the premie project. Both were using up their stash and providing something for another in need. Knitters are those folks often seen in corners, needles rhythmically singing, and producing yet another item. Not only are they good sports (about the painting and the noise), but they are creative, productive folks with good hearts.

Craft Guild holds Annual Meeting

On Tuesday evening, we gathered to share an outstanding potluck and to hear "the state of the Craft Guild". Potlucks are unique, almost an art, and how it works out always amazes me... from the marinated asparagus to the rhubarb pie... there was such variety, a little taste of everything....the results...a delightful meal was had by all.

The State of the Craft Guild is that membership is growing; weaving, spinning, and pottery classes have been offered; several workshops have been held; the house in good shape, and we are in the black financially. I call that A Really Good Year. Thank you to everyone for their time, energy and donations; it is through your participation that we have this incredible place to release and refine our creativity.

Our newly elected officers beginning June 1, 2010 are Charles Scott, President; Lucy Hansen, Vice President; Bev Pennell, Secretary; and Linda Bergquist, Treasurer. The group chairs are Beading-Dara Dick, Ceramics/Potter-Craig Margulis; Knitting-Jackie Harb; Spinners-Trish Turner; Weavers-Betty Huttner and Quilters continue to be represented by a standing board member. We look forward to another exciting year.

Louise French Ply-Split Braiding Class

This weekend the weavers offered a class on Ply-split Braiding by Louise French. Ply-split braiding is an interlacement technique found in northwest India, where men make girths, bags and other accessories for camels. In this class they learned the basics of ply-splitting. It was so intriguing that the group has decided to continue gathering to refine their techniques. The first group meets Thursday 5/6/10 at 7:30pm. Looks like we have another artform in the making.