Thursday, May 6, 2010

Craft Guild holds Annual Meeting

On Tuesday evening, we gathered to share an outstanding potluck and to hear "the state of the Craft Guild". Potlucks are unique, almost an art, and how it works out always amazes me... from the marinated asparagus to the rhubarb pie... there was such variety, a little taste of everything....the results...a delightful meal was had by all.

The State of the Craft Guild is that membership is growing; weaving, spinning, and pottery classes have been offered; several workshops have been held; the house in good shape, and we are in the black financially. I call that A Really Good Year. Thank you to everyone for their time, energy and donations; it is through your participation that we have this incredible place to release and refine our creativity.

Our newly elected officers beginning June 1, 2010 are Charles Scott, President; Lucy Hansen, Vice President; Bev Pennell, Secretary; and Linda Bergquist, Treasurer. The group chairs are Beading-Dara Dick, Ceramics/Potter-Craig Margulis; Knitting-Jackie Harb; Spinners-Trish Turner; Weavers-Betty Huttner and Quilters continue to be represented by a standing board member. We look forward to another exciting year.

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