Saturday, May 22, 2010

Spinners begin Summer hiatus.

On Tuesday, the spinners got together to spin, chat, discuss the programs for next year's meetings and plan for the Iowa Federation meeting at the Johnson County Fairgrounds in April, 2011. There will be classes, food, and simply a spin-in; more information later as it becomes available.

Lots of ideas for next year's programs were banded about, from drop spindle types, drop or Navajo spindle spinning, to Alpaca fleece; "What I did at Convergence" or "Ooops, mistake or creative license" were possibilities. Pairing up a spinner with a weaver for a "sheep to shawl" experience was mentioned. If you have any ideas, call or email Trish Turner. The programs will be finalized by the Open House September 12, 2010.

During the discussion, Wendy began working with some red/orange/white dyed tencel roving. The color looked loud and flashy as roving, but as it spun, the most incredible shade of soft coral began to appear and looked like fine silk. I wonder, is there any special handling needed to spin the Tencel? ...perhaps a program in the future.

As the summer begins to roll in, get out into the yard, take a hike, bike, or simply play in the dirt. You'll feel invigorated, and it just may get your creative juices dangling.

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