Thursday, May 6, 2010

What can we do with "leftovers"?

Amidst the paint flumes, the knitters group meet Wednesday afternoon. Everyone had a project going, an argyle sock for competition, lace socks, boot socks, a baby blanket, and a lace scarf. One knitter even found time to show the others her ply-split braiding.

It seems that a few folks have it figured out, how to use all that leftover yarn that we seem to accumulate. A yard here, a couple yards there...hhhmmm... HATS. Grace had a basketful, yes, it really was a basketful of hats. Terry was knitting hats for the premie project. Both were using up their stash and providing something for another in need. Knitters are those folks often seen in corners, needles rhythmically singing, and producing yet another item. Not only are they good sports (about the painting and the noise), but they are creative, productive folks with good hearts.

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