Friday, June 18, 2010

Weavers Host Towel Exchange

A towel exchange? ...sounds a bit risky, like you're getting someone else's dirty linens...


The towels are woven in the color, structure and fiber of a weaver's choice and inspiration, then exchanged for another. This exchange highlighted the last Weaver's meeting of the year. I missed all the excitement because Texas was calling my name, but it sure looks like y'all went home with something special from this incredible selection shown in Lucy's photo.

The Study Group's focus next year will be the MWC 2011 Guild Exhibit; the theme is “Aurora Borealis”. The idea is to create scarves and/or shawls inspired by photos of the northern lights. This will be open to all weavers. Over the summer we are encouraged to come up with a plan: weave structure, fiber, colors, etc. Our study will be "how to get from the plan to the finished piece—designing the fabrics."

See you all at the Potluck in August.

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