Friday, October 7, 2011

The Finnish Tradition of Poppana Weaving

The weavers gathered for their monthly meeting to share their joy of weaving, meet and greet the new weavers and plan instructional workshops by known artists, similar to the one held last month on Tablet Weaving.

The meeting was followed by Show and Tell and a very informative program by Nancy Granner on “Weaving with Poppana, a Finnish Tradition.”

Poppana Weaving sounds like an older gentleman who likes to weave...not true. Poppana is 3/8” bias cut cotton fabric strips woven on a warp of 8/2 cotton in plain weave or simple twills. The bias fabric finishes with a soft fuzzy surface much like cotton chenille and is more flexible than pieces woven with straight cut fabric strips. There were many examples of this technique in rugs, towels, pillows.

As always, watching Show and Tell can be both humbling and inspiring. David, a weaver of just a year brought in his first silk scarf. It humbles me in that I don't do silk (too expensive for me to mess up) and it was remarkable. Another piece shared was this exquisite blue/silver piece that confirms Steve is no longer a novice weaver and it inspires me because we began this journey at the same time.

It doesn't really matter whether you're motivated to learn Poppana, to try silk and to weave intricate patterns/structures, what matters is to simply enjoy the art, the craft, the feel of fiber. Happy Weaving

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  1. I found this researching sakiori. This is beautiful work.