Friday, October 29, 2010

Fall Excitement...It's More Than Football

So much has happened since my last entry. I cannot believe the leaves have fallen and the frost is upon us. Just a review of the last month or so, the knitters had a really large group, needing several tables to accommodate us all. They begun with knitting problems, those with experience helping those of us without or simply one of those...what do I do now? questions. It's always so clear when you're on the outside, not blogged down by the task at hand. They had a book exchange...nothing like someone else's junk becoming your jewel--great way to expand your resources.

The split-ply braiders had beginner classes and have continue to produce everything from a simple bookmarks, vases to gorgeous pieces of art.

The spinners met with the most unique program...a spinning race. How long a fiber could you spin in a specific time frame? And which fiber? Amazing to hear the laughter and wheels whirling in unison.

The weavers had a basket workshop one Saturday, producing a remarkable wastebasket type basket. It's interesting how different were the shapes and finished sizes of each basket woven by these 8 people who were flowing the SAME instructions. The weavers' study group is learning about designing scarves which may be our MidWest conference Aurora Borealis exhibit. They also had a program on Shibori, and are sharing a warp upstairs at the guild house. Looks rather strange right now, with all these loose threads, but I am assured that it will all fall together after the dying.

The, if you just look into the potters room and see all the dishes, bowls, and vases, its apparent they're having a productive year. And there's talk of a raiku firing?

The quilters took a road trip to Hills to a new quilt shop, which just happens to be next to a bakery/restaurant...quilting and eating, what's not to like.

The beaders continue their quiet and patient focus, I personally don't have the patience, but they produce the most incredible pieces.

Nothing like a great group of people with lots of creative ideas...and we get involved as well...

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