Friday, January 28, 2011

Weavers: 51 DONE!

The tailor from folkfore who struck down 7 with one swat as nothing to brag about in comparison to Our Weavers. In one meeting, in 30 short minutes, 51! Yes, 51, we stuffed and stitched 51 of the breast cancer pillows for Cancer patients at the UIHC.

It's just a reminder of another folk saying...many hands make light work.

I speak for all those patients who will receive these, beautiful and comforting creations


In other news: There is a pattern weave workshop going on at the guild house; it officially began today. I went in yesterday and wow, there are some really incredible patterns. The house will be busy over the next 10 days. Even if you're not participating, go check out the looms.

Show and tell...our new weaver certainly does great work.

And weaving to weave with thrums...geri-rig a griping shuttle!

And just a, drink, and garbage should be removed each evening from the house. We really don't want the vermin to return. The kitchen looks amazing, thanks to the cleaning crew.

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