Friday, February 25, 2011

Weaving Bateman

The weavers met Tuesday evening at the guild house for our usual, show & tell, chat and learn. It was great to see everyone after all the snow this winter. Weavers are hardy folk; even blizzard weather didn't keep them from participating in a pattern workshop. It's a lot of work to prepare the drafts and set up this program, but it is a great opportunity to experience patterns you might not try on your own. Our thanks to Vicki Tardy, Pat Boutelle, Lucy Hansen, and Cathy Willoughby for all their hard work.

Linda Bergquist presented a stimulating overview of the Bateman monographs from Shuttle Craft; #35-Multiple Tabby Weaves,#36-Bateman Blend Weaves, #37-Park Weaves, #38-Boulevard, Chevron and Combination Weaves, #39-Extended Divided Twill Weaves, #40-Extended Manifold Twill Weaves. She brought 2 HGA sample notebooks that correlate with two of the monographs and other members' samples as examples of this structure. It's so interesting to actually see the finished sample in color and compare it to the black and white draft. The photo above is an example of Manifold twill that Linda had previously woven, and this photo is a sample from Extended Manifold Twill Weaves, number 226-2 in the HGA notebook. I think this might be an exciting course of study for next year's study group.

Remember MidWest is open for registration, and Anna will be collecting scarves or shawls for our guild exhibit entitled "Dancing Spirits".

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  1. Several years ago in Richland, IA., I was in the audience as Kim Hayden (then from Oskaloosa, maybe a maiden name?) presented a very interesting program about spinning. Someone said that she moved to Iowa City. Our History Center has just acquired a mid-1800 spinning wheel (complete, and we'd love to have someone give a program and demonstrate its use. Can you help with any information? Many thanks! Bonnie Romine,