Thursday, March 3, 2011

"Linen: Meeting the Challenge"

This weekend Vicki Tardy conducted a 3 day Linen workshop which took us from warp to fabric. She presented information on linen, its origins, its physical properties and how to work with this type of fiber. She had numerous examples of all types, sizes and plys which reinforced the production of quality items. Her ultimate goal was that we try linen without fear.

We warped our looms and we began a robin round process to try the various structures and those uniquely linen methods of weaving. Wow, amidst the iced-over cars in the parking lot and the smells of a potluck lunch from the kitchen, we morphed into weaving oblivion as one piece challenged our patience as much as it excited our creativity as the piece began to reveal itself.

As a topper, Dorothy brought the guild's linen placemat collection. I don't think any of us realized what had gone into their production before this experience. I must admit I was one tired puppy afterwards, but thrilled at the prospect of weaving linen.



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