Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Children's Day at The Art's Festival

As fiber artists, we realize that to many, weaving and spinning is what OLD people did, in the OLDEN times. Of course, we are neither old, nor is this the old days; and yet it excites children and individuals across the age continuum. Each year, several of us take our looms a d spinning wheels to public fairs and festivals, school classrooms, libraries, and museums, just to share our art. Children always respond with excitement and curiosity. Few have seen actual cloth or yarn being produced and are delighted as the patterns appear on the loom or this flimsy fluffy stuff turns into tough yarn on the wheel. I personally drive 1000 miles each fall, just to hear that "whoa, look at that", "how'd ya do that?" "you mean I can do it myself", "For Real", "hey, cool". Teachers love these programs because it's art, it's creativity, it's math, it's social studies, and it's science, all rolled into one activity. To's just fun and worth every mile.

This picture is was taken one such event. It's at the Iowa City Public Library's Children's Fun Day at the Arts Festival. The fun is apparent. The library told Cathy that it was such a hit, we need to do it again next year....YES, I think we have future weavers .

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