Sunday, October 30, 2011

Falling Leaves, Squirrels, and Quilting

The quilters gathered at Mary's home amid the falling leaves and autumn color. That touch of crisp air and crunch of leaves underfoot remind us that winter's a'coming. Looking around, you see squirrels scurrying around to gather and store away goods for winter. Quilter prepare for winter just like the squirrels. We get revved up, plan, stock up and store fabrics (like we REALLY need to add to our stashes), all for that snowy day with no where to go. Like squirrels, fall stimulate our survival instincts, we must have quilting.

Everyone seemed to have a plan, a project in progress, an idea to keep the winter winds at bay. Linda was seeking input on her design using stripes. Marilyn shared her scrap quilt made for an elder relative in a nursing facility; Gretchen was hand stippling her heart wallhanging. Her pattern is two blocks for one cut, a heart appliqued block and the background from the heart cutout became the second block. Lucy, Pam and Anna were doing needle turn appliqueing, and Terry was handpiecing blocks. Molly was doing what quilters know best...ripping out.

Nancy sent the blocks seen here. She asked which block should we use for our program next month. Everyone loved the patterns and would love a demonstration. We are SOOOO looking forward to our hands-on program, based on the scrap quilt block she sent last month. She will be sending out an equipment list.

Ahhhh, with a little warm cider and incredible treats, it was a most productive morning. Squirrels store nuts, quilters store fabric.

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