Friday, December 16, 2011

The Best Made Plans....

It's been a while since I've had anything to say...we had a family wedding, and a houseful for a while. Everything was sort of on the back burner except getting "things" done for the wedding. Like any "good" or crazy crafter, I decided I HAD to have a shawl, as did my daughter. So off we go, my weaving friends, Dorothy,Vicki & I, planning, warping, weaving to produce my special piece. Yes, I was quite proud of the way the colors shimmered in the light, the blues, the blacks, in the crackle structure, it could have been a little more dynamic, but still quite fine. As I began winding the warp for her shawl, my daughter truly made my day. She decided her sister's wedding shawl of beaded silk/tencel huck lace would be the perfect "something borrowed".

I am most excited...only one to do and it's done.

Fast forward to the wedding day, shawls are perfectly pressed and ready to go. Please note in our picture as we leave the church, THE SHAWLS. Amazing how good they look in his hand; the perfect way to create heirlooms, don't use them.

My daughter did receive this exquisite handwoven runner designed using a "name draft" based on both hers and her new husband's names. It is so beautiful and so humbling.
Dorothy's name-draft Runner:

The wedding, honeymoon, and moving day are over...I AM BACK...just in time for our Christmas hiatus. The guild was most active during my absence. In November, the quilters had a remarkable session, learning how to stack and whack, changing that 9 patch into the most unique of designs with the simplest of techniques. The weavers' program was Twills, Twills, and more Twills with Vicki Tardy. Knitters have two groups enthusiastically knittin' and purlin' all things cozy. The Spinners have that mystery fiber they're trying to spin and use. And the beaders continue to create those magnificent wall hangings and jewelry.

As we enter this time of holiday celebrations, whatever is your persuasion, may you and yours be in good health, have a passion that gives you joy and love and be loved by the ones who matter.

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