Monday, April 1, 2013

Pattern and Weave Workshop

Weavers have been super busy in March, there was a pattern and weave workshop for two weeks...Incredible colors, fibers, and structures. During our February meeting, the committee that developed the workshop walked us through the process.

While it does seem like a lot of work, it is also a lot of fun and soooo much can be learned. When do you get the opportunity to pick out 26 different projects...color, pattern, structure. fiber,, and have someone else warp their loom so you can share this fun of weaving without the work. Some see the workshops as a challenge, a learning experience, to me, it's motivation. I am amazed at how many of the pieces I weave began as a sample in one of our winter workshops.
2 of the weavers participating in the workshop
paper spot sample

wool "corduroy jacket"

workshop samples
everyone's favorite challenge...

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