Monday, April 1, 2013

Where did March go?

Wow, where did March go? For me, time flew, but spring didn't get the same message.... "in like a lion, out like a lamb". Nope, not this year, winter hung on just like these icicles on my feeder,  the winds blew and snow fell. I guess that's why so much has been happening, no spring yard work. The quilters got together last month to discuss how to do a round robin, the process is simple, the parameters are set, the deadlines predetermined and everyone learns something new as the quilts develop. If anyone wants to try it, or wants more information about the process, let Anna know.

Lately, we have been looking at how to produce various colors of fabrics, or designs on fabric.
The spin art experience was a follow-up of a program given last fall. The potters graciously allowed us the use of their wheels and our masterpieces began. Molly and Linda are using the wheel to place paints on the individual block.

Another way to produce color is called snow dying. Nancy shared the process which uses ya think we had enough of it this year...You layer treated fabric with dyes and snow to produces the most incredible patterns and batik-looking fabrics.

If this isn't enough activity....everyone had completed projects for show and tell. This one is called shredded paper, the idea that shredded paper falls toward the bottom.  When the winds blow, we quilt.

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