Friday, October 2, 2015

What to DO? What to DO?

On this cool, crisp October morning, I think... "what should I do?" Clean house,  nah!

Spin?  I do have that nasty fleece that I bought 'cause I just have to "do" a fleece from start to finish, sorta sheep to shawl.
 But maybe I should wait until spring because the spinners have the most exciting year planned. Beth Smith, author of The spinners' Book of Fleece, will present workshops over a spring weekend. On Saturday, she will walk us through the worsted/woolen jungle, talking about preparation methods and spinning styles for each.  And our monthly programs will focus on the book of British and American breeds of sheep; hopefully we will be have washed samples of each breed for us to play with.  Make sure Greg is aware you want to participate before he orders the materials. Hmmm.

Weave? I do have that towel warp on my loom from this month's challenge,  the rug warp wound ready to beam on, and the study group has motivated my need for doubleweave.  The weavers began this year with a towel exchange and a sharing of the information from the midwest weavers Conference last summer. It's all so stimulating. What to do, what to do?
Bev's towels, one for exchange?
Jackie's towel
At Mid West...Bev's rug

Jackie's Rug
Please note the laptop.  We at the craft guild practice the ancient arts all the while embracing technology. Our secretary takes minutes sans pencil and paper.  Deb is mastering her computer driven "Dobby" Loom to produce some very complex weaves.
Deb's complex weave

And of course, I could quilt. I do have 4 babies to be born. Ut oh, that means 4 baby quilts. OMG, by when? So where do I go for inspiration, the quilt group. At our meeting, we talked about quilting designs, shared great resources, and of course,  show and tell.
Lucy's german quilt
The backside of Lucy's quilt. 

Lucy shared this quilt produced in Germany to show some of the patterns or designs we could use in quilting. This is completely hand quilted and note that the back looks as good as the front. Scary thought, please don't turn my quilts over.

Marilyn's color wash study. 
Marilyn showed her color wash study quilt made mostly from that scrap stash we all seem to accumulate. Stunning, isn't it?

In order to practice her machine quilting, Linda has been making small pieces. This whimsical christmas tree is just waiting for some echoing? swirls? pebbles? Who knows at this point. Each example gave the group more quilting ideas for their next project.

Okay, that crisp morning is creeping into afternoon, so I better get this show on the road. Too many ideas, too little time, what to do, what to do.

I think that nasty fleece really needs washing.

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