Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Weaving at the Iowa State Fair

Over the years, the Craft Guild of Iowa City has had a strong presence in the fibers and threads exhibits. This year, in addition to many entries, many ribbons, we had weavers demonstrating the fine craft on handweaving from 10-3 daily throughout the fair. 

Every day weavers worked at the loom, answering questions and hearing stories of parents and grandparents at their looms. One gal said her mom never bought a wedding present, but instead wove a rug for every couple. Handwoven rugs last forever. Another couple stopped by asking how to fix a long standing problem with a warp. Some just stood there and watched. 

A child asked,  "how's is that done, its string and then its cloth."  One little girl was delighted to help one of our weavers weave. "Mom, she says, look, I'm making colors". The joy and excitement we feel as weavers when it comes together as a towel, rugs or scarf, was obvious in many a child's delight.  I think we had as much fun as the fairgoers did. 

One weaver, Stephanie,  summed it up best. "...Love sharing my skills  and hearing the stories of our fiber history  💕💕" 

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