Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Krobragd Weaving

This season, our weaving study group topic is Scandinavian Weaving. Krobragd is a boundweave structure that is usually woven on 3 harnesses, using a point twill with pickup draft. This resulting weave has floats on one side and a tighter weave on the other.   Danish, Norwegian, Swedish versions are similar but there remains some distinct difference in the design patterns. Historically,  these weavings served a functional purpose, and only the wealthy used them exclusively for decoration. My limited knowledge is showing. All I really understand is they are awe inspiring, whether a wall hanging, a rug or a coverlet.  In early December, Dorothy, one of our weavers,  completed this marvelous piece of Krobragd.

She designed it using the patterns and colors of her ancestors as a gift to her son. She shared that it was a fun, rewarding and sometimes challenging project that took a little time (I believe that's an understatement), but so worth it to hear her son's appreciation in his  "Thanks, Mom."

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