Saturday, April 29, 2017

Wounded Warrior Project

Spinners almost by definition, are kind-hearted and love to play with fiber. We tend to spin anything we can and then have the dilemma of figuring out what to do with all this yarn. And another times a project comes into our lives that we just HAVE to do.  This is one of those projects.
Susan and her Wounded Warrior Project

Susan, one of our spinners, was asked to make these slippers for a retiring Wounded Warrior. He has served his country for many years and was involved in more than one dangerous war zone. How do we can thank these men and women who have and are putting themselves in harms way?   As the grandmother of 4 marines, running into the face of danger is just part of their job; but they often come back with scars, physical, social and cognitive scars. How can we thank them?  While I know it was not an easy project for Susan;  it was one she was determined to finish. She was determined that at least one Soldier would know just how valued he and his service are.
Slippers for a warm heart

Thank you, Susan And many THANKS to your Wounded Warrior.

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