Monday, May 21, 2018

More than Artisans...a Community with Heart

The Craft Guild of Iowa City is a group of artisans who share a passion to create, whether it be through clay, fleece, fiber, metal, bead, or fabric. But this particular group of craftspersons embody more than creativity, they embody heart, the very tie that enable each of us to feel safe, cared for and part of a bigger world, a community of sorts. Over the years, as we’ve lost loved ones, the guild folks showed up to help, to mourn, to share the grief. Whenever needed, they helped transport, lift, clear gardens, in general, help another participate wholly in this community of friends, this community of artisans.

I have been fortunate to have been on the receiving end of this caring. It may have been a potter who checks if I’m ok when I drop a wrench while weaving, or a weaver who drives because I can no longer see at night, or a spinner who hears my frustrations. One recent episode stands out for me. We met for our usual daycrafters group at my house. As each of you came through my door, you noticed something was amiss but that I obviously wanted y’all to stay. I sat down for just a moment. Later, I realized that three of you were in my kitchen serving coffee, another was answering my door, another was putting out chairs, and several cleaned up I sat. No one asked for help, but y’all sensed it was needed.  And it truly was. If you follow this blog, you may have noticed a significant gap in posting, but I am back. I can talk and breath at the same time, I can walk more than three steps without my inhaler, and no more ER trips. I tell this not because I was sick, we all get sick, but because our guild members are a remarkable group of men and women who are artisans in their own crafts and who enjoy the passions of their fellow guild members, but most importantly, who simply care, who sense a need and respond, a true community with heart. Thank you.

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