Saturday, August 25, 2018

An Interesting Quilting Summer.

Quilters meet this week with some interesting summer work. Although this first piece wasn't created by our members but by a sister-in-law's grandmother and her great aunties who made this for her mother's birth. Her mother recently died at 104.  It's probably 100 or more years old. It is a little on the thin side but overall in excellent condition. 
Hand pieced and quilted for the babe. 
Each square hand embroidered.

 We often make quilts to fund-raising auctions. Check out Linda's contribution for the Aviation Club.

Dynamic color scheme.

Colorful and Interesting Back

As a group we are always talking about using our stash, not wasting the leftovers and other ideas. The next three photos are excellent examples of scrap quilting and reconstructing cloth using those scraps. 
scraps jelly roll 

These stars are made from reconstructed fabric. 

Another scrap quilt 
I must say it's been an interesting summer. These last three were made by one of our quilters who had had shoulder surgery and was bored. Oh, please let me be this good when I'm bored.  

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