Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Laura Lila Nelson's Weaving Life

What an incredible way to begin our program year, Laurianne Gilberson, chief curator at the Vesterheim Museum in Decorah, Iowa presented a program about Lila Nelson. She introduced us to her textile work, her vitality and thoughtful process of developing her weaving. She produced traditional weaving to please the soul, to stimulate thought and to examine the world from various perspectives. Finishing rugs, towels, wallhanging was not her primary focus. She did a great deal of what I call functional weavings, but encourage her students to see color, to used their environments, to use their senses, even simply the written word.
Laurianne Gilbert

Lila Nelson with a tapestry 
Lila's small tapestries, each with message

Laurianne brought many of the Nelson textiles from the Vesterheim collection and shared the structure, fiber and story behind each one. All the weaving shown here gives us just a glimmer of just how much talent was packed into this little lady, this giant of a weaver.
Three Holy Kings
The Foolish Virgin

Tapestry with pick up lettering.

Standard Double Weave/Pigs in a pen

Use of square as pattern or motif

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