Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Marilyn Moore Shares her Passion: Weaving Uncommon Threads

Crafted from Metal, embellished with beads and color

Iowa City and the Craft Guild are excited by a new resident, Marilyn Moore, a fiber artist who through color, fiber and form produces the most magnicient pieces, one of a kind jewelry, baskets, and vessels. She presented and trunk show at our guild meeting last month. And Marilyn will be conducting seminars at the Midwest Weavers Conference at Grinnell in June. What an opportunity to learn from the best. Just being around her dyanamic personality, makes you want to try something new.
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June 22, 2019. Explore, Experience, Create: Adventures in Wire Cloth. 
June 23, 2019. Catch of the Day, and Basket Beauties.
For more information:  https.//midwestweavers.org/conference 

Marilyn's seminar will teach this technique

Marilyn shared that her work was more of a process, how she incorporates, shapes and color into something exquisite is always in flux.  She begins with a basis sketch, and almost as a living thing, the item dictates becomes,  which in turn, impacts what it is or does.  Sometimes, it's just the way the air moves around or within a piece that guides her.  Truly this is Uncommon Weaving
We were privy to such beeautiful things...bajello basket, jewelry, Sargasso, Opera bags from wire cloth, and there were bowls, baskets, some coiled fron sweet grass and embriodered with pine needles; or wire and wirecloth; or leather stitched in linen.  WOW 

Our mini-trunk show of baskets, vessels crafted from wire,
raffia, linen, accented with beads

Each vessels defined in the process
The center of a round tray 
Wow, is all I can say. Iowa City is now home to one very talented artist. Thank you. 

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