Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Iowa State Fair 2011

Every year around October, yes, I said October, one of our members begins her campaign to get all of us motivated, involved and even excited about entering our creations to the next summer's state fair. I'm sure this year, she feels vindicated...

Eight individuals, Lucy Hansen, Linda Berquist, Betty Huttner, Betty Shreeves, Mary Boulet, Vicki Tardy, and Deb Zeitler, submitted entries and each won ribbons. They entered 33 items out of the total 48 submitted in Weaving. This alone was a record for the guild. There were 10 entries in 5 other areas, basketry, crochet, knitting, dolls and toys,quilting, and fine arts. 26 ribbons out of 34 total awarded plus the Best of Show, and Sweepstakes awards. 9 of 10 blue ribbons were earned by 5 CGIC winners, a real team effort. Although Deb was a little concerned, there were no entries in the Handspun Household article category again this year. And there were only 9 fiber entries in the fine arts category, and only 3 were chosen. This is a much lower acceptance rate than usual.

GREAT JOB folks!

p.s. Deb's already on her state fair roll reminding us that we only have 9 months until the submission deadline and if we are interested in adding another category, the deadline is December to submit it with your rationale to the fair chairperson.

p.s.s. THANKS, DEB and thanks to those who transported and picked up our entries.

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