Sunday, August 28, 2011

Weaver's Potluck and the 5 "F's"

Nothing like a snazzy one liner to get your attention...Food, Friends, Fair entries, Fabulous Fiber show and tell, and Fun planning. Oh, I just love alliteration.

Seriously, the Weavers held their annual "Summer's over, let's get back to weaving" Potluck and judging from the number of folks who came, we're soooo ready. Ready for a new year, ready for what will be an exciting year filled with programs, workshops and other opportunities. We have two workshops in the planning. In late September, John Mullarkey will teach a 2-day “Tablet Weaving Workshop". The second is a TBD, perhaps with Ruby Leslie or Mary Sue Fenner. As to when-we're thinking spring, past the muck and mess of winter. I don't know though, I'll really miss not having to chip my car out of its ice casing to go home. Betty will investigate the options and get back to us. This year's programs run the gamut from Weaving in Scotland and in Norway to Warp Dying. We will again have some challenge event for our May meeting. Any ideas? And there's a plan afoot to hold mini-workshops like we did for the federation meetings last spring.

As always, the food was great and of course, non-fattening. The fair entries were beyond description, so many beautiful pieces, from a white handwoven christening gown, to shawls, rugs, baby blankets. Show and tell continued to prove many of you didn't stop weaving this summer, such colors, fibers, textures...a wonderful job. Why do we weave?...This is why...the five F's, Fabulous Fiber, Fair, Food, Friends, and Fun.

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