Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Fenner's Workshop:

MarySue Fenner conducted am incredible workshop over the weekend with members of the weaving group. It began with handwoven fabric each weaver had produced, in some case, "commercial", and finished into a jacket. < It began with the typical..."oh my, how do I want to lay this out..." Next is the pinning the fabric appropriately and cutting it out. Handwovens act differently than commercial fabric because they are usually lessly closed sett. Careful attention must be paid to grainline, plan for finishing and any curves within the pattern. After the cutting and the sewing, the most crucial step...THE FITTING. Anyone who sews, knows this is also the hardest part. This is what differentiates homemade from coutier crafted. Diane used commercial silk, after completing her jacket took it home to dye it. This is the results! Rather remarkable, I'd said. Here are some of the other almost finished products...(l to r) Margaret, Betty; Bev, Linda; Deb, Stephanie; Well Done, Ladies. Our thanks to Mary Sue Fenner for the excellent program.

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