Sunday, June 24, 2012

Wonderful Fiber Arts program, Frame, PATV18

"There is a revival going on. Almost on the tipping point of a revolution. The populous is questioning the place and importance of mass consumerism by relearning ancient arts or consciously purchasing those hand-crafted gems from artisans. In this episode of frame, we learn about the ancient art of spinning and weaving and the tools used to create hand-crafted wares. Learn what modern day equipment is based upon the design and operation of a Jacquard Loom. You will also discover how quilts are actually made plus examples of contemporary and historical quilts. Learn about the role that quilts have played and continue to play in our communities and families. Oh yeah, we have a surprise celebrity special guest. Tune in." This is quoted from the online version of Frame, a production of PATV18. Great job, Kudos to Jeanette, and your assistant Jill. I didn't succeed when I first tried to learn to spin...UNTIL a friend suggested Janette Ryan-Busch. She is a soft-spoken, knowledgable and incredibly patient teacher who brought me full circle, from hating my wheel to loving it. It is the most relaxing thing I do. Anyone with an interest in fiber arts should check out this link.

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