Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Ribbons Galore

The Iowa State Fair has the "Butter Cow" and anything fried on a stick as its claim to fame, BUT, folks from the Craft Guild of Iowa City's claim to fame is our whomping 62% of the ribbons awarded in Fabric and Threads.
The fair website which proclaims
Zeitler Sweeps the Talent in State Fair Weaving Competition
...yes, our own Deb Zeitler won the Sweepstakes award for her weaving talents, as he has for the last four years. She also collected the Best of Show for this handwoven alfgan. When asked how does she find the time, "...I just do, it goes quickly once I have a idea." (Not so true for this weaver)
Vicki Tardy won the Best of Show for her Handspun vest. The vest, a blend of fibers hand spun, handdyed and embellished. Now I don't know if this fiber was from her own critters, but it wouldn't surprise me. Remarkably, simply remarkable. There were a total of 8 blue ribbons (out of 9 categories, one of which didn't issue a blue ribbon), all the reds.
We received the top 3 ribbons in 6 classes of entries, and all 5 ribbons in the scarf category. All total, 53 of the 84 ribbons were awarded to the CGIC. It never ceases to amaze me the depth of talent in our guild.
Terry, Vicki, Betty S, Betty H, Jill, Linda, Bev, Cathy, and Deb entered items this year in towels, household linens, apparel, scarves for a total of 29 weaving, 11 knitting, and 2 basketry entries.
The excitement of the fair is evident on this first time participant. As you can see, the fair is not just for the seasoned and more experienced weavers, spinners, or knitters. Its a time and a place to share, to see and to be proud of your own and others talents. Congratulations one and all.

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