Friday, September 14, 2012


Every September the Craft Guild holds an open house to share with the community and our membership just what we do here.
Individuals bring in their creative pieces which certainly brightens up the room. There is quilting, weaving, spinning, knitting, beading,pottery, a real sampling of the talent represented by this group. We use this time to pay our dues, learn the new combination to the house and simply to catch up with those we haven't seen in a while. We also have demonstrations...such as this quilting. Bob didn't realize he was going to be a quilt frame, but he does seem pleased to help.
Deb demonstrated her latest abstract piece which she designs and creates herself. She told me the piece dictates what it wants to be and she just follows along.
I must admit I am always just a little humbled by the skill, creativity, and genuine love of the art these crafters/artists demonstrate and yet each is willing to help that novice become enthused. Welcome to the Craft Guild of Iowa City...a place to grow your muse.

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