Friday, September 14, 2012

Walnuts & Wool

The trees are beginning to change colors and lose their leaves. The walnuts are waiting to be gathered. Fall is in the air.
Knitters love this time of year; its cool enough to have all that wool in their laps. With needles humming, they gathered to share their latest projects.
Terry and Grace worked on baby surprise jackets. Terry's is almost done, in blue. Grace is just beginning one, with sock yarn.
Wendy is making Multnomah from Hello Knitty out of Paca-Peds H-T sock yarn (
Molly is working on 2 socks from a dyed sock blank, toe up. Grace gave a mini-demonstration of Tunisian crochet that she used to make a bag that is a store model at Crazy Girl (see Molly also showed us her completed scarf made out of that novelty ribbon yarn that makes a kind of ruffle when you knit it. Sounds have been a really prolific afternoon and yet, the outdoors seems to beckon...Lucy and Grace picked up walnuts and twigs. Certainly helped sprune up the place. If you're a knitter, join us for an afternoon or a evening. Each knitter simply enriches the others.

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