Friday, November 2, 2012

Clickety, Clack, Swoosh, Hmm.

What an intro...clickety-clack, swoosh, hmmm, oooohh. Those are the sounds you hear as knitters gather. These two groups (evening and day) of knitters meet to share their love of the craft. They love the feel of the fiber, the colors and what it does in their hands. For me, it's a love/hate relationship. It's like committing to "going to the gym". It has a noble purpose, a specific results expectation and a frustration level at the amount of time it takes. However, knowing that this time is dedicated to an activity I enjoy and I might be creatively productive contributes to its appeal. We have some very talented people in these groups. Knitting has many faces...Whether its Terry making unique mittens
or Anna Finally completing that sweater, started last fall. It can be knitting bracelets or necklaces from beads and wires. Not exactly what you'd imagine when someone asks "what are you knitting these days?". The tools for this kind of knitting are little different but they have the same properties of connecting the "yarn" or wire in this case to another in some pattern, adding beads to complete the pattern. Just as Linda did in this bracelet.
Or as Lucy did using this tool to "knit" these necklaces. Knitting, it's all about the vision, the hands, and that fiber place in your heart.

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